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We had an interview with Suzuki Mame-san who not only has 4 cats but also the director of Cat Protection NPO Muroran in Hokkaido. You will enjoy watching Thelma and her cat Cookie and you will get the chance to dive into a cat shelter!

We were so excited that we took the opportunity to give the shelter a basket as our gift. 


Let’s see which of the 350 cats in the shelter will sit in our basket first! 

Muroran Cat Protection is waiting for donations, volunteers, and of course forever families for the cats. You can get more information here.

Thank you so much everybody for participating in Sweet Dream Baskets’ Giveaway.


We had 41 participants who subscribed, and shared our announcement in their Instagram story! 

The 40th subscriber who signed up the last evening was the winner!


Congratulations to @yuka.mame for winning the giveaway. 

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