Gallery for you and your pet

Our founder Deniz and her cats work together to create handmade baskets for all pet friends!

Of course we know your pet needs something special! 

We can make a special basket your pet will enjoy at home, in the cafe or in your car!

Custom-made pet beds

Does your pet like to curl up or stretch out during her sleep?

Do you think it is time for her to have her own bed?


Are you worried about the synthetic bed you have at home?


Does her bed look so old and ugly two months after purchasing it? 

We know that each pet is unique. Now, you can create a bed that will allow the healthy rest she needs.
Choose a pet bed that will keep your furniture free of shedding and is also a beautiful accessory for your house!

Sweet Dream Baskets offers a unique custom-made

service that you can't find anywhere else!

Best seller

Can you tell us about your pet and your dream basket?

IMG_0801 2 copy.jpg

Your pet needs a good rest every day.
She will feel secure to have her own spot.

 Pet name





What is your pet's name?

We will make her a special basket!


Charo-chan is an active dog. She had an active day walking in the woods and playing in nature. She just woke up from a long and comfortable sleep in her special basket. Daddy makes sure Charo-san is healthy and happy!

Basket   colors

Check out!

Now, Pusheen is getting ready to sleep in his Sweet Dream Basket. Mommy just washed it in the washing machine. Mommy wants to use recycled and organic products. She chose a handmade cotton basket for Pusheen!

Your bed is


in a month!

Now is the time to spend some time with your pet and order a handmade gift for her!
From us to you, made with love!

Sweet Dream Baskets

Happy     End!







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