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About Us

Deniz Aygün Benba, founder of Sweet Dream Baskets is an Inter-disciplinary artist from Istanbul, Turkey.

She has a background in painting. Later on, she continued her creative carrier in performance art and culture management in Istanbul, Vienna, New York and Tokyo.

She initiated “Happy Art Tokyo”  giving art workshops to all ages, focusing on weaving and crocheting with T-shirt yarn. She is based in Tokyo with her family and three cats Frost, Pusheen and Coco.

Sweet Dream Baskets offers a unique custom-made service that you can't find anywhere else! 

Choose the size, shape, colors, and the pattern you like for your Sweet Dream Basket! Get your pet her special basket with her name on it!


Choro needs a good rest every day.
She has her own basket with her name on her basket, where she loves to sleep!


What is your pet's name?

We will make her a special basket!


Charo-chan is an active dog. She just woke up from a long and comfortable sleep in her special basket. Daddy makes sure Charo-san is healthy and happy!


We know you need 3 things in a large size dog bed:


1. Support & comfort.

2. Hygiene and ease to wash.

3. It must look great in your house!

You can customize your bed and choose the size, shape and colors you need. You can have a matching cushion in it too!


Having an active playtime every day, is essential for a dog.

We must make sure our dogs are moving and exercising, to keep them healthy. Dogs enjoy these three toys that we designed for them: Balls, tug-ropes and frisbees. Choose your toys to make playtime active and fun for you and your pet!