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L-size basket with cushion: 60 cm (diameter), 15 cm height: ¥25,000
X-Large basket with cushion: 75 cm (diameter), 15 cm height: ¥3

Dogs usually aren’t picky about where they want to sleep.

For them, a simple shade or nice rug is good enough. Some of them will even be perfectly happy with a concrete floor. Of course, there isn’t any harm in letting your dog sleep on the floor. But what if you want your dog to feel fully rested and restored after a hard day of running around and playing?

What if you want your dog to feel like they have a place of their own?

What if you want your dog to feel at utmost ease and security?

Well, then a dog bed is the solution for you.

Dog beds not only provide a nice comfortable place for your pet to relax, but they also make them feel like they’re right at home. By getting a dog bed, you will assure your pet that you care about them and want them to have their very own place. And once your dog feels like it has a dedicated place to sleep, it’ll stop aimlessly sleeping everywhere. You can then hope that your dog will keep off your bed or sofas. You won’t ever have to worry about your dog ruining your furniture. Gone will be the days of ripped up sofas or tossed and ruined bed sheets. You will finally be able to reclaim your house.

ベッド 大型 犬
クッション 犬
犬用 クッション
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