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Cute Kitten


We are the only brand to make pet baskets from recycled material.

We meticulously knit baskets for pets with beautiful patterns and we care about other details.

Do you care about buying recycled products?

If yes, you have come to the right place! 


At Sweet Dream Baskets, all of our products are environmentally friendly. Being environment-friendly is being pet-friendly!

What are Sweet Dream Baskets made of?

Sweet Dream Baskets are hand-woven by crochet hook from recycled, cotton-based T-shirt yarn.

T-shirt yarn?
T-shirt yarn is a knitting medium made from the scraps generated during textile production. The yarn made from textile scraps is soft but still durable and suitable for crocheting. ReTwisst Yarns are the main brand Sweet Dream Baskets are made of.

These yarn are recycled from first-quality fabric wastes, and by using the latest recycling technology.


Textile companies send their production surplus to the yarn factory.  These products are extracted and assembled in Retwisst's factory. As a result of this process,  the yarns are created. 

We feel blessed to be able to help protect the environment by using recycled materials.

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