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Two select pet shops in Shibuya

Sweet Dream Baskets is a unique handmade pet basket maker based in Tokyo. We collaborate with two pet shops in Shibuya, Tokyo, known for its famous crossing and Yoyogi Park, which serves as the heart of the city. Yoyogi Park is a beloved destination for picnics, cherry blossom viewing, exercise, and more. It even features a dedicated dog run, making it a popular spot for both pets and their owners.

Located across the Sangubashi entrance of the park, you'll find a pet shop called "Grindog" specializing in Italian Greyhound dog goods. However, their offerings appeal to all dog breeds. Sweet Dream Baskets and Grindog have joined forces to create a collaboration basket knitted with recycled t-shirt yarn in two delightful shades of soft brown, adorned with charming little bows. Inside the basket, you'll discover a cozy, puffy cushion. This basket-cushion set is incredibly adorable! It is exclusively available at Grindog in Shibuya. Simply pass by the pet shop, and you'll spot this eye-catching basket displayed in their window. Step inside to explore their selection of designer clothes, snacks, leashes, and other dog essentials.

Grindog not only carries this exclusive basket but also offers a wide range of products for dogs. Pay a visit to their shop and discover the variety of items they have to offer.

If you continue your walk from Grindog towards Shibuya, you will pass through the famous crossing and take the second right turn, where you'll find Fuglen Cafe. Adjacent to this charming cafe is a pet shop called "One Dog." Here, Sweet Dream Baskets presents a collection of handmade baskets in three different sizes, specifically designed for dogs weighing under 15 kilograms. These baskets are a delightful addition to any pet's comfort.

In addition to the baskets, Sweet Dream Baskets also offers thick-knit durable dog rope toys at One Dog. These toys are meticulously crafted by hand, using crochet techniques and t-shirt yarn. They are not only visually appealing but also provide endless entertainment for your furry friends. Additionally, you'll find squeaky balls that are sure to capture your pet's attention during playtime.

If you happen to be in the Shibuya area, we highly recommend taking the time to visit both Grindog and One Dog. Explore the delightful baskets offered by Sweet Dream Baskets and discover the quality craftsmanship firsthand. These pet shops provide a unique opportunity to find special items for your beloved pets and create memorable experiences together.

Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your pet's comfort and playtime with the beautiful handmade baskets and toys from Sweet Dream Baskets. Make sure to visit these two pet shops and indulge in a world of creativity and love for your furry companions.

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