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The most followed puppy on Instagram!!

A Pom Named Jiff

Jiff Pom is the most followed and admired animal by fans on social media. He is a small Pomeranian dog from Los Angeles, California. Jiff holds two Guinness World Records for his speed and has made a number of appearances.

Guinness World Records:

The talented Jiff entered the Guinness World Records by achieving two new world records:

the Fastest 10m on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and Fastest 5m on front paws (7.76 seconds). Both of Jiff’s records were set in 2014, but his record for fastest front paw run has since been broken by a mixed breed.

Social Media Achievements:

With the growing number of followers and fans, Jiff has become the most followed animal on social media. Jiffpom is very friendly with kids and anybody is friendly to him. He loves attention!

Jiff Pom has:

  • More than 10 million Instagram followers Follow at:

  • 20.8 million TikTok followers

  • 90.800 followers on Twitter

  • 1.3 million followers on Facebook

  • 258,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Follow Jiffpom on Instagram!

One of his most notable achievements also is that he has appeared in several TV shows and advertisements and taken a starring role in a Katy Perry music video.

Jiff posts photos of him with a number of celebrities and influencers on social media, such as the American singer Ariana Grande.

Other Achievement:

Jiff Pom has a book titled (I Am Jiffpom) published in 2017. Let's start reading!

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