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Dog bed, large dog bed, washable cover dog bed, custom-order dog beds

Does your energetic companion, whether a lively Jack Russell Terrier or a spirited Chihuahua, love to run and play all day? When it's time to wind down and rest, providing a comfortable space is essential for their well-being.

Welcome to Sweet Dream Baskets – your destination for high-quality pet beds, including those perfect for small breeds like Dachshunds or Pomeranians. Our versatile baskets seamlessly blend into your home's decor while offering convenient storage. Each meticulously handmade basket features eco-friendly t-shirt yarn, ensuring a cool retreat in the summer and warmth during the winter.

Explore our diverse collections to find a design that suits your taste, and if you have a specific vision in mind, we offer made-to-order items tailored to your preferences.

Discover our range of dog beds in four sizes:

• S-Size: 37 cm diameter

• M-Size: 42 cm diameter

• L-Size: 60 cm diameter with cushion

• XL-Size: 75 cm diameter with cushion