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Sweet Dream Baskets The Ambassador Program

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

"To be or not to be a cat meowdel"

Cat meowdelling isn't easy these days!

One day you took a photo of your cat and shared it on Instagram. That's how everything started! You were surprised to see that other people adored your cat, just as you do! Blogging about your cat on Instagram came to a point you never imagined! Your cat is becoming a figure people are following and interacting with.

Being a blogger is a lot of work. You want to provide the cutest photos of your ever-moving cat and interesting text for your followers. Collaborations can be an effective way of leveraging your pet's account.

How to collaborate with brands?

The more your account will become visible, the more brands will reach out to you to collaborate. It is very tricky to choose the right brand to collaborate with. Collaborating with random brands will make you look like an ad board and your followers will start ignoring your posts.

This is why your collaboration strategy must be done carefully. The primary rule for a good collaboration is to have a genuine interest in the brand. This enthusiasm will reflect in your content and be transmitted to your followers.

We are looking to expand our network by collaborating with new Meowdels in The Ambassador Program. If you think you genuinely want to be a part of our team, please check the details below. We offer three programs you can choose from.


The Ambassador Program

1- Beginner Program (1 month, non-renewable): FREE!! Benefits:

1-Membership of Meowdels IG Chat group 2- Your IG handle will appear on each of our IG posts 3- One shout-out on IG stories

4- Personalized discount code

5- Get engagement on your account from Sweet Dream Baskets and our meowdels


1- Tag Sweet Dream Baskets and share your discount code on each post

2- Shout-out Sweet Dream Baskets on IG stories 3- Like and comment on all Sweet Dream Baskets' posts

2-Collar Models Ambassador Program (3 months): $10

Benefits: 1- All of the benefits of the Beginner Program

2- FREE Sweet Dream Baskets Collar

3- One post a month of your cat with our collar on our feed

Tasks: 1- Same as Beginner program tasks 2-Share 3 posts of your cat with collar each month

3- Provide us good quality photos of your cat with our collar

3- Pro-Ambassador Program (3 months): $50

Benefits: 1- All of the benefits of the Beginner and Collar Ambassador Program

2- Your good quality photos with the basket will be shared and tagged for three months 2-FREE SWEET DREAM BASKET delivered to your door! (There will be a pink and grey option). The real price of the basket and shipping is $100!! By joining the program, you get it for $50 only!! The basket is the one in the photo below!


1- Same as Beginner program tasks 2- Share 3 posts, one reel, one story of your cat with the basket each month

3- Provide us with good-quality photos of your cat with our basket!


Note: The prices are valid for USA and Canada. There will be some extra shipping and tax charges for other counties. Please inquire for questions.