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Creating an eco-friendly pet brand from Istanbul to Tokyo.

Updated: Mar 25

When I knitted a basket for my living room, my life changed.

My cats, Pusheen and Frost loved the basket!

The yarn I used is called ''t-shirt yarn'' or ''Spaghetti Yarn''. It was so soft and colorful! The yarn I bought was 100% made from recycled scraps of fast fashion. Tons of waste fabric go to landfill every year.

In my country, Turkey, big brands like H&M, Zara, Dolce&Gabana, and Hugo Boss produce clothing. Yarn companies in Turkey collect the leftovers from this production and turn them into yarn ready to knit!

Sweet Dream Baskets has shifted from airfreight to sea freight for bulk cargo. Sea freight is more eco-friendly! Sea freight from Istanbul to Tokyo has its challenges. The Suez Canal in Eygpt is narrow and sometimes blocked by accidents or political conflict.

We are waiting for our second sea freight cargo in a couple of days to arrive in Tokyo! We are so excited! Dozens of baskets, Mofu Mofu, leads, balls of yarn, and blankets will arrive! We hope to be serving you with our eco-friendly pet products!

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