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5 Best Dog Breeds for Students

Student life is supposed to be an enjoyable and memorable kind of lifestyle. It involves a lot of exploration in the aspects that the students are interested in. that's why most campus relationships last for a lifetime.

You can enjoy the best moments of your life with your favorite pet. A dog is the best pet that the student should adopt because it doesn't mean a lot of responsibility on the head for the student. Below are the five best dog breeds for the students.

Basset hound

Basset hound is one of the best dogs for the campus students that only stand about 12 inches high at the shoulder. These dogs are famous for their long, dangling ears and their droopy expressions most of their time.

Apart from their droopy expressions, they can make great pets for the campus students as they are very friendly and outgoing. Most of these dogs are very loyal to their owners, and they can quickly learn a lot of things within a short period. In most cases, they are likely to go back to sleep when you head for the classes and won't lose their minds quickly.

As a result, you can easily concentrate on your college assignments when dealing with basset hounds. If the pressure builds too much, you can seek help for essay writing services or buy essay online depending on how comfortable you are with the available option. You can also use a simple thesis statement generator by EduBirdie or opt for the do my homework option available on the site. College students often need a lot of peace when handling their assignments to be effective and this is where the online writing service helps.

Golden retrievers

As the name suggests, most of these dogs are dark golden or lightly golden. They are very popular amongst the students in the U.S. Golden retrievers tend to be very playful and entertaining in most cases and hence perfect for vigorous outdoor activities. Most of them are very intelligent and can effortlessly follow and keep the instructions you give to them.

That's why most college students find it easy to adapt them as pets while continuing their studies. Before you adopt this dog, make sure that you can dedicate enough time to them, as they tend to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time.


Pug is one of the best reputable dog breeds that college students can adopt as a pet. Its unique appearance makes it comparatively expensive compared with all other breeds. After seeing it, you will probably never go for any other breed of dog. All you need is to ensure that you take care of the dog.

If you do so, the dog may experience health complications that affect its appearance. It's an adorable pet that you can adopt as a campus student. That's because they usually get along with other people and pets quickly during traveling.

English bulldog

It's often called bulldog nowadays; it's one of the best breeds for the campus students as it’s easy to keep them well-exercised. The English bulldog is very affectionate with other people and effortlessly gets along with new environments. One of the most amazing things about this breed of dog is that it can effortlessly cope with lonely times.

That means that they will stay calm no matter how much time you will take in the classroom. Unfortunately, this breed requires a lot of extra healthcare as it's subject to several health complications.


They are one of the best dog breeds for students who own their pets for the first time on campus. That's because they are affectionate and pretty more straightforward to handle than most other breeds. Poodles are adventurous dogs as they take very little time to adapt to the new environment during outdoor activities.

Their coat is resistant to most allergic conditions making it possible to adapt quickly to the new environment the students are traveling for the adventure. This breed has high energy levels, and that's why they regularly require frequent grooming. Poodles are of different sizes, and you should understand not all of them are small in size.


Dogs tend to make college years pretty exciting moments of life as they give company during most outdoor activities. Apart from mingling with new friends, you can also consider adopting a pet that will keep you busy for most of your day. Even if you never had a chance to keep the dog as a pet, the above breeds summarize the best breeds you can adopt as a campus student.

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