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Eco-friendly pet goods brand

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Amidori | Sustainable Ethical Fashion Column

February 12, 2022

Sweet Dream Baskets, which I introduced on Amidori's Instagram before, is a sustainable pet brand.

In Japan, February 22nd is ''Cat Day'', so I will introduce this company in my blog, Amidori Note.

Sweet Dream Baskets is a pet goods brand founded by a Turkish designer named Deniz who lives in Japan.

Founder of Eco-friendly pet goods brand, Deniz Benba
Creating her brand, Deniz was inspired by the production of recycled yarn.

Sweet Dream Baskets mainly produce handmade baskets for pets handmade by crochet.

Handmade is a luxury!

You can see that the mesh is neat and not amateur work!

Currently, sales in Japan are mainly on the handmade craft e-platform called, Creema. Besides Japan, the customers are worldwide, as you see below, the cute cat Minette from Australia is happy in her new Sweet Dream Basket!

The appeal of Deniz's craft is that they are handmade, fashionable, and, in fact, up-cycled.

Do you know what upcycling means?

Upcycling is the process of reusing what was once a product and transforming it into a completely new product.

In the case of Sweet Dream Baskets;

Surplus fabric is up-cycled into→ Eco-friendly pet goods

The company uses, so-called, ’’t-shirt yarn’’, which is the surplus fabric that is generated during fast-fashion production. During textile production, there is a lot of waste normally thrown away. This waste fabric is collected at the yarn factories, cut into strips, spun into balls, and ready to knit. In this way, it is possible to create a wonderful product without wasting resources.

I think upcycling products are a great idea in terms of saving on resources.

How much water does 1kg of recycled yarn save?

Sweet Dream Baskets seems to have been triggered by the fact that when Deniz knitted a basket to make a sustainable basket that was good for the environment, that basket was occupied by her own cats.

Isn’t that a cute beginning?

Deniz said, "Because it's cotton-based material, it's good for pets,”. I'm very convinced this is true, by the behavior of her cat, Frost, in the photo.

I think many pet owners want to use something good for both pets and the environment. Sweet Dream Baskets are made with Deniz's love for pets and the environment. I think it's hard to find environmentally friendly pet goods.

Just by placing it, it will be an eye-catching decor accessory!

It's a very fashionable basket that makes you want to use it yourself!

Sweet Dream Baskets are pet beds made with recycled fabric from fast fashion scraps.
The bottom is so cute! !!

The advantage of these handmade products is that you can customize your basket with name inscription, choice of color, and size!

The basket prices start from $6. Some may feel a little extravagant, but since it can be washed in the washing machine, it can be kept clean for a long time. It is a durable cat bed and scratch-resistant. It can be used for a long time and is also environmentally friendly. Sweet Dream Baskets are colorful, and fashionable, and make the owner enjoy their life with a pet.

Recently, Sweet Dream Baskets pop-up has been held at Hiroo Plaza in Hiroo.

If you were not available to attend the pop-up, please check out Creema for ordering in Japan.

For international purchases, check our eco-friendly pet goods at Sweet Dream Baskets homepage:

Thinking about cats and the environment; Animals and us humans are living on this earth.

Isn't it good for us to bring our lifestyles closer to the environment, even little by little?

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