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About us

Hello there! 

If you’re reading this, you must be a pet lover. Are you ready to take a special journey with us? 

Paws up!
Colors are beautiful!
Patterns are beautiful!
Pets are beautiful!

Sweet Dream Baskets is a collective of designers and artisans based in Tokyo, Japan. We meticulously knit baskets for pets with beautiful patterns and we care about other details. We’re focused on creating a unique product and a great purchasing experience for you, so we are easy to communicate with, punctual in our shipping and will follow-up up after delivery 

You and your pet are special to us. We hope you will join our community!

We want our customers to see their beloved pet, deep asleep in its sweetest dreams, curled up in one of our handmade baskets. Sweet Dream Baskets embody happiness, connecting you and your pet.

SDB is the only brand worldwide using up-cycled t-shirt yarn to knit baskets for pets. Our technique and patterns are all original. We were inspired by ancient tapestry patterns as well as modern styles and symbols.