Cute Kitten


Product info:

Sweet Dream baskets are cozy handmade beds for your cat, kitty, dog, puppy. They are soft and soothing to touch. A beautiful accessory for your house.

This basket is created with cotton-based fabric that allows your pet to beath and will be comfortable and healthy to cuddle up in. A unique design of green diamond ornaments will add beauty to your room.

You can use it for storing toys, wood, books, various utensils, yarn, keys, glasses, phones, controllers, towels, coins, make-up products, medicine, etc.

All baskets are handmade by crochet knitters who use t-shirt yarn. All of our t-shirt yarn comes from scraps of textile. All yarn in vegan and eco-friendly.

◦ All yarn is vegan and eco-friendly.
◦ Sweet Dream Baskets are delicate artistic products but are very child and pet-friendly. Pets are not likely to damage, chew, neither ruin them with their nails or teeth.
◦ Remove pet shedding gently with pads and brushes. Wash in the machine in gentle mode.


Your order will be handmade and shipped from Turkey in up to two weeks.


Please choose your size:



One cat or dog up to 11lbs (5kg).

Diameter 14-inch (37cm) - Height 4-inch (12cm)



2 cats or dog up to 8 kg (18 lbs)

Diamter 17-inch (43cm) - Height 4-inch (12cm)


Diamond Chain Basket

Diameter size