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Sweet Dream Baskets offer a unique custom-made service that you can't find anywhere else! Our knitters are masters in their field, and they can create the basket you need and that you are dreaming of!


Each pet has its own needs and way of sleeping. Her basket will require a special size and shape. We offer 4 options you can choose from that will delight your pet: round, oval, square, and rectangle.

It is wonderful that your pet bed will become a beautiful accessory for your house. You can choose the color option that serves you most!


Please fill in the sections below and complete your order.


Your basket will be handmade and shipped to you in a month. maximum.


We offer free shipping in Japan until the end of 2020!


Baskets in stock will be shipped the day after payment. Custom-order baskets will be shipped in max. 3 weeks.

• All baskets are made of cotton-based yarn and keep a non-toxic, breathable environment for your pet.
• SDB are multi-functional. You can use them as a pet bed, and also as a pet toy and daily item storage.
• You can use Sweet Dream Baskets for storing toys, slippers, books, magazines, wood, plants,
various utensils, yarn, keys, glasses, phones, controllers, towels, blankets, make-up products, medicine, etc.
• Handmade by crochet hook and t-shirt yarn.
• All yarn is eco-friendly and upcycled from textile scraps.
• Pet scratch friendly.
• Remove pet shedding gently with a brush. Wash baskets in washing-machine on hand wash or gentle program.
• If you wonder about pet responses to the basket, please check references.


Choose size: 

Small ( 37 cm diameter or edge for pet up to 5 kilos/11 lbs)

Medium: ( 55 cm diameter or edge for pet up to 10 kilos/22 lbs)

Large: (80 cm diameter or edge for pet up to 15 kilos/33 lbs)

Custom NAME basket

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