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«The perfect cat room» by Fancy Meows

There are a lot of things we can do to create "the perfect cat room", where we and our dear cats can live safely and happily! Check out these tips created by interior designer, Irena Kaufman, to see what you can do to create your "perfect cat room"!

Tip No 1️⃣

Choose the best location for your cats’ furniture

Think about your cat’s behavior as you choose a location. Cats love warm sunlit areas near windows for a nap or to watch the local wildlife. In winter they like warm safe places near a radiator. Cats also like to curl up in quiet places. So lookout for some smart hideaways. Think also where will you create your cat’s vertical zone to observe the territory from the above.

Does your cat have a happy snuggly place by the window already?

Tip No 2️⃣

Cat furniture and accessories should complement your other decor

Blending pieces from different provenance makes a home more interesting and original. You can make any pieces work together as long as you have a color, pattern, or style in common. You may opt for a discreet cat design that blends invisibly within your decor. Or you may decide to use a beautiful cat furniture as a statement piece in your interior.

Which one do you prefer? Discreet design or a statement piece?

📸 Thank you @thatnalacat for sharing how fun it can be by the window in the handmade basket with the lotus flower pattern!

Tip No 3️⃣

Safety precautions should be your top priority

Cats like to play with strings and loose objects, which could include wires and curtains. Keep these hidden or secured away from your pet. Secure in place fragile decor, such as vases, frames, statues, etc with a double-sided tape. Also, make sure that your cat can’t access the fireplace or burning candles.

Did your cat ever made trouble with your decor?


Choose upholstery with a tight weave.

Fabric with tight weave can withstand cat’s claws and teeth.

Does your cat like to chew the fabric?

Click to order basket!

Tip No 5️⃣ for the edition THE PERFECT CAT ROOM.

Be careful when decorating with plants and flowers.

Some plants are poisonous for cats. Avoid lilies, aloe vera, azalea, chrysanthemum, and many others. Which plant do you know is toxic for cats? Comment below.

A floral decor pattern is a safer choice! Click the photo to order a handmade basket with Lotus flower pattern (from S to XL size).

Tip No 6️⃣

Create vertical zone for your cat

A cat tree is a classic addition to any cat room. However, a kitten might have other ideas for climbing. With stable anchors, wall shelves offer fun landings for felines. You may also opt to place the cat bed on the cabinet so that cats can observe the territory from above.

Where does your cat like to climb?

Tip No 7️⃣

Match the color of the cat furniture with other elements of your interior or your cat’s hair

You may opt for the same tone as your other furniture, or another shade of the same color or a complementary color of your decor. The hair color of your cat can determine a shade too so that the fallen hair is less visible on the furniture.

And you, on which criteria do you match the cat furniture?

Tip No 8️⃣

Give enough scratching posts to your cat

Cats scratch because their claws need regular sharpening. It’s also their way to relieve stress and to feel good. But if they scratch your furniture, it looks unattractive, doesn’t it? A scratching post or a scratch-resistant basket can limit the scratches on your furniture. It’s smart to put one scratcher beside the sofa and other furniture that your cat likes to scratch.

The hand-knitted lotus basket is scratch-friendly because the loops are very tight.

How many scratchers do you have at home?

About the author: Irena Kaufman Co-design and branding @fancy.meows

Creation of designs for pet brands • Co-designed handmade LOTUS BASKET

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