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Our power is in the choices we make...Small Business Saturday is coming!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

In the past months, many smaller businesses have had to temporarily close down due to the Corona crisis. As stores are opening up again, we have the opportunity to give some extra love and support to the local small companies that make our lives better every day. Because without small businesses, we would miss out on a lot of amazing benefits.

Sweet Dream Baskets would like to thank those shoppers who shop a LOTUS BASKET on this special day, with a surprise gift we will send out to you with your order!

Tabby cat in basket

Pet lovers appreciate craft, handmade, innovation, and creativity. We try our best to be is conscious about shopping from

* environment-friendly, * pet-friendly,

* fair trade, and

* women-run businesses.

We know the purchases we make will affect the direction of the economy's growth. Shopping from small businesses empowers millions of women who have part-time jobs and who are responsible for caring of pets, families, the elderly, and the household

Little Huey enjoys the first playful months of his life resting on his Lotus Basket. @bailey_the_diabetic_cat

Small businesses have the most impact in terms of enriching our lives by providing unique products and services. Most small businesses are run by people, and not by boards or stakeholders. It’s truly a reflection of the owner itself, so you get an original product that’s carefully made with a detailed eye for quality.

Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises are responsible for more than two-thirds of all jobs worldwide. They also account for the majority of new job creation. A good thing to keep in mind this

Small Business Saturday! 😊

Please visit our website or send us an email for any inquiries. We are always happy to hear from you and ready to help!

Stay with the best vibes...

Deniz Benba

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