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Macramé and Crochet Bed For Large Cats

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Large domestic cats It does not matter how much your kitty grows. She will be the apple of your eyes forever. However, some breeds will grow from a kitten into a majestic, furry creature that needs more space for complete relaxation. Sleep is as essential for your kitty as it is for you. Provide your kitty and adult cat with various options in the house to choose from for a comfortable sleep. Especially, large cats will need a personal bed, as finding a peaceful spot at home, maybe more difficult for them.

A Cute little kitten

These are the main large cat breeds that grow over 12 lbs in the USA:

1- Maine Coon

2- Ragdoll


4- Savannah

5- American Bobtail

6- Ragamuffin

7- Bengal

8- Norwegian Forest Cat

9- Persian

10- Chausie

Large size cats are very active and good hunters. We introduce two favorite bed types you can consider for your large cat.

1- Elevated hammocks’ macramé beds for large cats

Large cats need more comfort to function, thus requiring soft, comfortable, and bigger spaces. An elevated bed gives your cat some privacy, a clean post away from dust, and the enjoyment of being high! Your cat will love to jump from the floor on the hammock and enjoy a suspended bed swing.

A macramé cat bed can have a cushion if needed. The straps of a macramé bed should be suspended to the ceiling. A macramé hammock bed will be a decor piece for your house. Macramé beds for cats are often made of off-white shade ropes. Make sure the cushion matches the colors of your cat's fur or home decor and has a washable cover.

Macrame large white cat bed
A large size white cat enjoys a handmade crochet or macrame bed. There are many options of such baskets in USA. (Image from Macrame Beautiful)

2- Handmade crochet beds for large cats Not only an elevated macramé bed but also a crochet bed for your large cat is a good idea! If it is difficult for you to suspend a macramé bed to the ceiling, you can consider a handmade crochet bed. Choose a place where your cat enjoys resting, such as

• a window side,

• near a radiator,

• in a closet,

• on the living-room floor,

sofa or bed. You can consider making a crochet bed yourself or ordering a custom-made crochet bed for your cat.

Crochet large size cat bed with insert cushion
Crochet large size cat bed with insert cushion

It is good to have a cushion in the bed of your large-size cat bed. Make sure you clean your large cat bed cushion regularly.

Wood base in large and x-large baskets
You can keep your cushion clean by placing it in this wooden based bed.

Once again, if you have a white cat it is good to have a macramé or crochet bed with an off-white cushion to hide shedding.

Such crochet and macramé beds are durable and helpful in keeping your cat feel clean, safe, and warm. We are sure your cat would love to rest inside them!

As we all know, cats are fond of baskets and crochet cat beds. The round shape of such beds matches your cat’s anatomy. Your cat may enjoy getting into a box delivered to your home, but over time, a box will not provide your large cat the rest she needs. So, provide your cat with a macramé bed or crochet bed with a comfy, washable cushion. Your cat will benefit from having her own space.

On top of that, this will strengthen your bond with your cat.

As per a testimonial in Sweet Dream Basket, a website where you will find many accessories for cats and dogs, Deniz Aygun Benba shares the experience further;

"Back in 2019, I wanted to use to create a crochet bed for my cat. It was fairly large and surrounded by the same pattern four times. Because there were six different colors, crocheting was rather difficult. The yarn was tangling, and the design was difficult to follow at points. But it was all worthwhile! My kitties sat in the basket as I crocheted and after I finished it! My kitties were enamored of the shape, the texture, and the depth of the basket. I am not sure what about the baskets that they find so appealing. Maybe they can tell the baskets are handcrafted? And that may be what makes them unique to so many cats around the earth.''

Do you want to find out more about crochet cat baskets? Then check out our incredibly pretty collection at Sweet Dream Baskets!

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