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How did I start crocheting baskets?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

''When I first started crocheting with t-shirt yarn, the idea was to make a basket for my living room.

I wanted to make something inspired by the Turkish carpets that I admire so much. I love their patterns and colors, but most of all, I admire them because they are made out of ancient time women's hands. For me, this means a lot. Every carpet or kilim is the voice, the words of a woman from centuries ago that resonates up till today to our ears.

I find this really stunning!

A cute little cat sitting in a Basket

Back in 2019, my cat Pusheen loved the first basket I made! So, for the living room basket, I found this pattern below, that reminds me not only of Turkish motives but also of South American patterns too. I decided on the colors I wanted to make. It was quite big and had the same pattern four times around it. It was very complex to crochet because there were 6 six colors. The yarn was tangling and the pattern was sometimes hard to follow. But it was worth it! My cats sat in the basket while I was knitting and after I finished the basket! They loved the shape, the texture, the height... I am not sure what they like about the baskets so much. Maybe they sense that they are handmade? And perhaps that makes them special for so many cats around the world

In the photo above you can see one of my twin cats, Pusheen dominating the basket! He looks like as he is saying, '' I am not getting out of here!''

Crochet chart

We use this kind of pattern when we make our baskets. They are knitted from right to left, from bottom to top. Can you recognize the pattern in the basket I made above?

So, the basket-making story started. Since then, my cats are a part of my business and my craft. We make everything together. In the photo below, the other twin, Frost is sitting in the basket I am making in 2019 and Pusheen is dying to get into it too!! Totally squatters!

Macrame crochet bed for large white cats

We are all so lucky to have these furry creatures around us. Every day we are blessed with their calming vibes. We observe them, cherish them, learn from them! We are surprised and entertained again and again. My staff weavers also have cats and are real cat lovers. All Sweet Dream Baskets come from the hearts, hands, and paws of your friends. Just like the kilims of ancient times, they send our soft whispering words to your lives.

If you are also looking for a Macramé crochet bed for large white cats, then check out our incredibly pretty collection at Sweet Dream Basket.

Please visit our website or send us an email for any inquiries. We are always happy to hear from you and ready to help! '' Stay with the best vibes... Deniz and the team Go to website We always look forward to hearing from our community! Send us an email!

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