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Let’s meet Mero and Moca, and their beautiful customized, handmade cat beds!

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Minuet cat and Scottish fold cats who are like real sisters. They have their own handmade, customized beds!

Introduction of Mero and Mocha

Mero: Born 2021.11.14. Female minuet cat with long legs and white fur.

She is full of curiosity and loves both cats and humans.

Mocha: Born 2022.2.14. Female Scottish Fold with prick ears. Long white fur.

She behaves elegantly and is a little coward.

Mero and Mocha are 3 months apart and get along like real sisters!

Melo and Moka’s story

Mom had a cat before she got Melo, but the kitty died of FIP within 2 months. Two years later, Mom fell in love with Melo at first sight and decided to keep her as a pet. She welcomed Mocha soon, too, because she felt Melo felt lonely on her own. Mom is happy every day to see Melo and Moka getting along, and thinks it is precious that they met each other!

Mero really loves the daughter of the family, and she is sticking to her yelling with a high-pitched voice!

Mocha is ''THE CAT''!! She is distant to humans, hides when the vacuum is on, and keeps a radius of 1-meter distance from people. She is usually cold, with some moments of affection!

Crochet, handmade, recycled t-shirt yarn, eco-friendly pet bed
Handmade crochet baskets are custom made for Mero and Melo!

Mommy designed both of Mero and Moca’s handmade, customized baskets in collaboration with Sweet Dream Baskets! Both baskets are made in light shades of white, grey, and pink. One basket has the initials of Melo and Moka. The other basket is lettered, ‘’LOVE’’. Mero and Moca really love their crochet baskets made with recycled t-shirt yarn, so they don't mind making cute poses for the camera!!

‘’When I first saw the advertisement of Sweet Dream Baskets and the handmade, crochet, beds and basket made for cats and dogs, I just thought it was nice and cute, but I wanted more and more, and bought it!

I really like the patterns of the baskets with names and hearts. I was happy to be able to choose my favorite colors for the customized baskets.

Since the baskets are made of recycled, cotton-based t-shirt material, I use them as they are in the summer, and use them with fluffy blankets in the winter.

Melo and Mocha loved the baskets and slept in them from the beginning!

I use the Sweet Dream Baskets sometimes for putting toys and dolls in it!

It's so cute!

I will cherish these baskets that are unique in the world!’’ describes Melo and Moca’s mom…

Isn't that a sweet story? You can order a customized basket for your pets or your house too!

Please contact us by the button below and describe to us what you need. We will get back to you the same day!

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