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An exquisite neighborhood in Tokyo called ''Hiroo''

Hiro-o shopping street by Masahiko Motono
Hiro-o shopping street by Masahiko Motono

My Favorite things to do in Hiroo Take a day off to walk around the Hiroo neighborhood that offers nice parks, boutiques, and cafes in Tokyo's exclusive neighborhood! Although Hiroo is not far from the famous Shibuya Scramble, it has a calm neighborhood atmosphere. There are several international schools in Hiroo, like Sacred Heart; one of Tokyo's biggest hospitals, the Japanese Red Cross Hospital; National Azabu, a popular supermarket among ex-pats. I used all of these facilities throughout my 9 years in Tokyo.

Hiroo Sampodori is a shopping street with lovely cafes and shops. I personally love an old-style toy shop and a Japanese cracker shop that are still open. There are some Japanese crafts shops and antique, vintage shops as well. There are also the side streets which are worth discovering.

Pop-up shop at the entrance of Hiroo Plaza. We sell handmade cat and dog beds/ You can order cutom made cat and dog beds.
Pop-up shop at the entrance of Hiroo Plaza

It has been a privilege for me to have the chance to open pop-up shops for 3 years in Hiroo. I met so many great people and of course, their love dogs walking around with them. Hiroo Plaza is a mini, two-floor department store worth visiting. There is a very fine selection of shops in it. On the second floor, there is my favorite shop of Turkish carpets (Anatolian Kilim), a boutique for exotic items, a wedding tailor, an art gallery, and more. Sweet Dream Baskets' pop-up shop is at its usual location, at the entrance of Hiroo Plaza, in the alley next to Starbucks.

Come by and visit me in Hiroo Plaza!


Handmade Baskets in Hiroo Plaza Alley

Jan 23rd-26th, 10am-7pm⁠

Fed 8th-14th, 11am-7pm⁠

*Pet beds⁠


*Cat and Dog toys⁠



Short-term shop just at Hiroo crossing, at the entrance alley between Starbucks and Hiroo plaza, facing Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Send me a message if you have any questions!

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