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7 Popular Pet Industry Trends To Know For 2022-2025

Ever since the pandemic started, the market of the pet industry has kept increasing in value, especially in the United States. Innovative trends and products have been introduced, and buying directly from companies has been a popular choice among cat and dog owners. Can you guess what seven pet industry trends are popular recently?

Recent pet industry trends include pet supplements, such as dog vitamins, catfish oil, and dog probiotics to keep your pet healthy. However, the fastest-growing trend is CBD for dogs because CBD can help dogs treat health conditions such as anxiety, pain, cancer, etc. (Varanasi, 2021)

In addition, new product categories have been introduced such as pet wipes, pet toothpaste, and litter robots (Howarth, 2020). These categories are different from traditional categories in the pet industry such as food, toys, beds, leashes, hygiene, and grooming.

There are also luxury items for pets that have been trending. Recent examples include brands such as “The Bear & The Rat”, which is known for making frozen yogurt for dogs, and another called “Pretty Litter”, which is a brand of kitty litter that changes color based on a cat’s urine pH levels to detect illnesses. Also, cat enclosures which are fenced-in areas that help cats get time outdoors while staying safe are quite popular among pet owners as well (Howarth, 2020).

Recently, DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) has also been very convenient among pet owners as they can turn to online retailers for selection, convenience, and price, especially during the pandemic. is a pet supply e-commerce brand that is a leader in this industry, but Amazon has also been following up on this trend (Howarth, 2020).

Did you know that pet insurance has been quite popular even though the pandemic and is expected to increase in profit through 2028? A few pet-dedicated competitors are involved in this field such as Lemonade, Healthy Paws, GoPetPlan, and the non-profit ASPCA (Howarth, 2020).

According to a survey of 2,181 pet owners, 44% of owners value the health of their pet over their own. Recently, many pet owners have been looking into natural food brands. Some brands that have been trending are “Because Animals” which specializes in healthy pet treats using organic ingredients and omega-3 content, “Open Farm”, and “Lily’s Kitchen” (Howarth, 2020).

Overall, current pet industry trends in the United States seem to center around pet health and wellness because pet owners are concerned for their pet’s well-being and want to spend money to take care of them. What do you think of these trends, and have you used any of these products in your country? Let us know in the comment section below.

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