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Relax, enjoy, and celebrate winter with a Sweet Dream Basket

You know! Your pet needs a good sleep after an active day! It is a great option to provide her wıth the right bed that is comfortable, healthy, eco-friendly and hygenic.

Do you think your pet would like a handmade one?

Experience shows us that pets prefer handmade beds and toys to mass-production ones.

Sweet Dream Baskets are designed especially for the sleep of pets. The shape of the basket and cotton yarn makes the pets want to jump in it and lay down immediately! Please meet our pet friends and read their reviews!

The shape, the texture, and the materials of the bed must give comfort to your pet. She should feel that she has a place for her own, that she can go there and feel safe and relax anytime she wants.

Your pet will enjoy scratching her nails on the resistant, cotton, and recycled t-shirt yarn we knit for your pets.

Go to our gallery below to see our full Winter Collection! You will find a basket perfect one for you and your house! You even have options in color and shape!  We are happy to knit a custom Sweet Dream Basket for you!

two liitle cat lying in sweet dream basket

Olive and Pepper just woke up from their nap in the Sweet Dream Baskets! Ready to enjoy the rest of the day wıth mommy!

Household itme in a basket

Get organized in a Sweet Dream Basket


Sweet Dream Baskets are not only a perfect bed for your pet, but a storage accessory you can use yourself! 

You can use Sweet Dream Baskets for storing toys, slippers, books, magazines, wood, plants, various utensils, yarn, keys, glasses, phones, controllers, towels, blankets, make-up products, medicine, etc.

The colors are essential to create a beautiful design. You can wash your Sweet Dream Basket and use it at home as your storage basket! Buy yours now!

Many thanks to lovely cats Pusheen, Frost, Pepper and Olive for modeling, and @benjaminbeech for the amazing photos!