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So many cats and dogs are using Sweet Dream Baskets' beds and toys. We are happy to share with you some of the feedback we get!
We thank all the lovely pets and owners to be a part of our community!


Riku likes high places. So, the thick cushion inside the basket has ideal for him.

He seems to love the feeling that he can look around when he gets on top of it.

I am very satisfied with the fact that there is only one of this basket in the world. First of all, the reason for ordering is the cozy design!

It looks soft, and my children have sensitive skin, so I think they like it. I thought. Also, Deniz's personality was wonderful.


This basket would be the art craft, made of up-cycled t-shirt yarn, purrfect for Summer coolness, as well as eco friendly!

Sometimes, Arie would start to use a new bed after 6 months from their arrival, but he immediately loved this beautiful basket, jumped in, started to use for his nap every day!

For your Summer breeze, enjoy Arie with various lovely expressions & gestures!


Look! This is CHARO's new bed💕This is the only one bed in the world for CHARO🐶
I had Deniz ( @sweet_dream_pet_baskets )make it handmade. All the colors and patterns were made according to my wishes😍
This bed is made of crochet and eco-friend T-shirt thread and is said to be cool in summer and warm in winter😊💕
Deniz, thank you very much❤️

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 13.56.21.png

Goma-chan is always looking for this basket.

When I look for her, I always find her sleeping in her basket.




John wants to play with these toys everyday before he goes to bed! 


”The first day of the baskets, I came home and caught her inside! ”


Shelley M.

”Oscar and Chloe are taking turns to sit in the basket.”


Chika D.

”Oscar and Chloe are taking turns to sit in the basket.”


Chika D.

 I adore having this colorful chic basket in my bedroom. It is nothing like a pet shop product. It is very natural and decorative.”  


”My chihuahua loves to sleep in her bed. ”



” All four of my cats have tried out the blue basket I purchased from you. Troy, a sliver chinchilla, is currently sleeping in it.”

Lora S.



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